The home buying journey

We are here to help you with every step

Initial call

The process starts when you get in touch and we chat to find out what you’re looking for. Whether you have a big deposit sorted or you’re just feeling your way into the future, we are happy to have the conversation with you

Gathering your data

We’ll work though a user friendly loan application form with you. We can also sit down face to face and do it together if you prefer. This gives us the information we need to figure out the best options for you

Get approval

From there, our team can approach the market and talk to lenders and business managers about what they can offer you, to work out possible mortgage solutions. We make the banks work for you.

Buy the house

When you’re on the hunt for a home, we work alongside you and can liaise with agents, solicitors, valuers and insurers to help you achieve your ideal outcome of home ownership.

Structure the mortgage

Once you have decided on a home to purchase, we negotiate rates with the banks and make recommendations of loan structures to match your goals.

Facilitate settlement

We work with your real estate agent, insurers and solicitors to ensure the rest of the process goes smoothly.

Ongoing mortgage reviews

We keep abreast of the ever changing market and lending requirements. We can provide advice on restructuring or refinancing your loans to meet your goals. If you ever need advice, remember we’re your first port of call.